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Quality Measures


To keep food safe, we are just not an expert in bacteriology, but also understand how infection can be prevented. Hence, as a proprietor, we avail our staff to training/ seminars offering health education periodically whenever the need arises. Thus, we keep food clean and safe and our customers are and will be protected against infection.



Walls are strongly built, smooth and are dusted and thoroughly cleaned at least once every week. Floors are cleaned and washed with soap and hot water everyday.



Adequate natural lighting through windows and doors is provided. Artificial (electric) lighting is also provided to supplement natural lighting. Good lighting in all areas enables workers to clean all places and avoid the accumulation of dirt. There is adequate ventilation by means of ventilators and electric fans to ensure constant flow of fresh air into rooms and removal of bad air.


Dusting and cleaning of doors, windows and ventilators inside and outside is done twice a week.



  • Chairs, tables, counters, cupboards etc are of good standard. They are maintained in a sound and clean condition.
  • Storage surfaces in counters, cupboards for glasses, cups, plates and cutlery are washed and maintained clean.
  • Working surfaces are cleaned immediately whenever they get dirty. Dusters and other cleaning materials are absorbent and maintained in a presentable state.
  • Waste paper baskets and ashtrays provided are maintained in a clean and sound condition.
  • Extract fans are placed to remove the smoke, excessive heat, fumes and steam.


Sufficient supply of cold and hot water is maintained on the premises. The water is oxidized and stored in clean containers.



Utensils and tools are sound, free from cracks and cleaned at all times. They are washed with hot water and soap whenever they get dirty or after use. After cleaning utensils, cutlery, appliances and equipment are dried on racks and stored in clean cupboards and shelves.



There is an adequate food store and the same is maintained clean.



Sufficient and adequate garbage disposal facility has been placed. The same is kept covered until the garbage is removed for disposal and also washed regularly.



The premises is kept free from rats, mice, cockroaches, flies and other vermin, which may carry disease germs to food or destroy food and other articles.



Live animals and birds are not allowed in any part of the premises.



  1. All employees and staff are healthy.
  2. They are clean in person and clothing
  3. They wear clean, washable overalls and aprons of good quality.
  4. Head coverings are provided for the kitchen staff.
  5. Bad habits like smoking, coughing and sneezing over food, nose-rubbing, finger licking, cleaning hands and utensils on dresses, touching food with dirty hands is discouraged.
  6. Hands are washed as often as necessary and always after using the toilet.
  7. Sinks are strictly used as wash-hand basins


Adequate first aid facilities are maintained on the premises.